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Spicy & Flavourly. Put a sprinkle of DTH Pepper Flakes on anything! Perfect for spicing up sides and mains. If you like Heat and the flavor of Red Pepper flakes, try DTH Pepper Flakes. This is not Red Pepper Flakes. This product is made with the same peppers we grow for our other products. It’s flavored with our classic seasoning and spices, and all home grown. Contains no added sugars or fillers, you’ll taste strong DTH Pepper Flake flavor with every meal. Packaged in an easy-to-use bottle with a shaker cap for a controlled pour.   

(Price is $8.00 per bottle)


  • This item includes the PEPPER UPGRADE OPTION ( $2.00 per 1.25x1.25 bag)


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DTH Pepper Flakes 2021

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