DAM THATS HOT first pepper sauce was made as a gift for friends and family. I always had some in my refrigerator for when we had company over. Actually, it was really company that convinced me to market my sauce. All around me I realized everyone had to have HOT PEPPER on their food. So I decided to make a few bottles for sale. They sold so fast, I was shocked. My lil homemade pepper sauce! I really didn’t believe people would like it so much, but they did. From that day the idea of growing peppers and making sauces was born.


So the second for sale batch sold fast however, I made mistakes and gave away a bit more than I sold, but it brought back more happy customers. So now I realized the importance of advertising. So here we are today making a few pepper products after picking the brains of my elders and relatives for ideas and recipes.


I love to cook and I am obsessed with seasonings and flavor.  Presentation is the first attraction to food but, I first learned to cook so it was healthy and tasted good. I learned presentation second.  That attitude of seasonings and flavor is strong when creating and producing all DTH products. The most important aspect in making all our sauces is HEAT & FLAVOR.


We work hard to balance HEAT & FLAVOR, but we know some like it very hot too. So let us know, we can bring more heat.


Thank You for taking the time read About Us. I appreciate your interest and business.






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