Dam That’s Hot:  Caribbean Style Pique Hot Sauce

Growing up with Caribbean and Puerto Rican family members really influenced my taste buds. This sauce is what was on the table in ALL my relatives houses. It varied from home to home, and certain family members  fussed when there wasnt any hot sauce at another family members house.  I remember hearing a few heated family discussions about the proper ingredients to make the sauce too. I always knew there was more than one way to make this HOT SAUCE ! But they often fussed and teased eachother about flavor heat etc.  (LOL.. MY FAMILY I MISS THOSE DAYS)


This sauce is my version of all those years of my old folks fussing. I miss them all dearly.  :-)     

 (Price is per bottle)


  • This item includes the PEPPER UPGRADE OPTION ( $2.00 per 1.25x1.25 bag)



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D.T.H. - Caribbean Style Pique Hot Sauce

Caribbean / Pique Hot Sauce & Pepper Upgrade

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